Net Living Ltd

Personalised solutions for every different customer

Not a standard service but personalised solutions for every different customer.

If you need training, maintenance contracts, bespoke programs, you will find us to be a reliable, flexible and supportive collaborator.

Our specialized team will be able to design with you and implement a solution from your specifications, starting from cabling up to the development of personalized software for your business which offers flexibility and expandibility.

Net Living has a long experience in design of IT systems for small and medium companies. Our projects have been taken in diverse sectors, from schools, fashion companies, medicals to professionals.
We offer a complete range of consultancy, delivery and support services, giving you the opportunity to request a specific or, more commonly, an integrated end to end solution.

Net Living covers all necessary areas in order to guarantee the correct functioning of any IT infrastructure, covering all the supporting aspects such as internal and external network and internet connections.
In addition we manage activities on behalf of our Clients such as coordinating and liaising with suppliers and contractors.

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